Weekend Lunch Plate – 1


Our weekend lunch today was Rice, Tomato Mango Pappu, Vankaya perugu pachadi & Bitter gourd Theeyal.

Last week when DH went for grocery shopping, I had asked him to get bittergourd, and he got not 2 nor 3 but whole 6!!! what was I thinking sending him grocery shopping!! whew 🙂 !! So I had to find ideas to get rid of the bittergourd before they went bad. 

I like eating bittergourd for health reasons, but many bitter gourd recipes calls for deep frying, which is a big no no for me. So when I saw Sig’s post on Bitter gourd theeyal, I was more than interested to try it as there was no deep frying involved. Usually I slice them in rounds & marinate in turmeric, salt, garam masala, chilli powder & aamchur powder  and oil for like an hour & microwave them. They turn out very crispy & crunchy.

I modified Sig’s recipe to my tastes and the outcome was super good. The spicy thick gravy with tamarind  and bittergourd was lipsmacking.  I know this is a keeper. Here is my version of the recipe.

BitterGourd Theeyal 


2 Med Bitter Gourds

7-8 Shallots (small onions)

1/2 tsp Ginger sliced

4 tsps Fresh Coconut grated

2-3 Red Chilles

1 tsp Dhania

7-8 Methi seeds

1/4 tsp Jeera / Cumin seeds 

2 green chilles

1/2 tsp Tamarind paste (store bought)

Curry leaves.

For Seasoning –

Oil, Mustard seeds

Method –

Dry Roast  Grated coconut untill slightly reddish. Remove. 

Dry Roast Red chilles, Dhania, Jeera, Methi for 2-3 minutes. Remove.

Heat a tsp of oil and ad the shallots halved & sliced ginger. Saute for a few minutes, until reddish. Remove.

Grind all the above together to a smooth paste with water.

I usually slice the bittergourds & add salt & keep it for an hour or so to remove the bitterness. 

Wash the bittergourds 2 -3 times to remove excess salt.

Microwave the sliced bittergourds with little water and turmeric, for 3 minutes.

Heat 3-4 tsps of oil add the MW’d bittergourd slices & slit green chilles. Saute until the edges turn brown ,

like 7-8 mins. Add the grounded masala along with little water, curry leaves, tamarind paste and salt.

Cook for a few minutes untill gravy thicks.

In another pan add 3-4 tsps of oil, (adding a little more oil adds to the taste) add mustard, when it pops add the gravy & saute for few more minutes.

Serve Hot. 


4 Responses to “Weekend Lunch Plate – 1”

  1. Asha Says:

    Very nice,love it.Enjoy.

  2. Vani Says:

    Aruna, Your recipe looks very bery yummy! Must try it your way. I love Karela. Will post the result. 🙂

  3. themistressofspices Says:

    Vani, The theeyal tastes very yummy even a person hating Karela will love it , do try it & let me know. 🙂

  4. sangeetha Says:

    This recipe is so good I will try it.

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