Spicy Chicken Gravy


Chicken gravy as the name indicates is a creamy & spicy curry base in which the chicken is simmered.

The aromatic spices adds a wonderful flavour to the chicken.

This curry goes very well with  ghee rice, rotis, chapathis etc.

Spicy Chicken Gravy


2 lbs Chicken

3 Onions thinly sliced

4 Green Chilles slit

1 Cup Yoghurt

2 Tsp Ginger-Garlic Paste

2 – 3 Tsp Red Chilli Powder Or as per taste

1 Tsp Dhania Powder

1 Tsp Cumin Powder

1/2 Tsp Turmeric Powder

3 Cardamom

2 Cloves

2″ Cinnamon

Oil as required

Salt Per taste


Beat curds / yoghurt until smooth & well blended.

Add turmeric powder, 1 Tsp Of Chilli Powder and 1 Tsp ginger garlic paste to the yoghurt & mix well.

Add well washed & cubed chicken pieces to the yoghurt mixture & mix well.

Marinate for an hour in the refrigerator. The more time marinated the better.

Heat 3-4 tsps of oil in a pan & add 2 sliced onions. Fry them until golden.

Cool & grind the onions along with 1 cardamom to fine paste along with little water.

Heat Oil in a pan, add the cinnamon, cloves & cardamon to the oil when hot.

After a minute, add 1 sliced onion & green chilles. Saute untill translucent.

Add ginger garlic paste & fry for 1-2 minutes.

Now add just the chicken without the yoghurt marinade.

Fry the chicken well for 6-8 minutes on high heat.

Add the chilli/dhania/cumin powders & fry for few more minutes.

Add the marinade now along with a cup of water & salt.

Cook chicken untill tender.

Adjust the spices if needed. Add the onion paste & mix well.

Simmer for a few more minutes, until done.

Garnish with cilantro if needed.



18 Responses to “Spicy Chicken Gravy”

  1. Asha Says:

    YUM!!! Great looking chicken curry.Thanks Aruna.I will post Biryani in 30mins at FH!))

  2. Deepa Says:

    i do not eat chicken …but it looks very yummy

  3. Aruna Says:

    Dear Asha, Thx for visiting here, Ur RCI spread is oh sooo yummy!!!

    Deepa, Thx for letting me know. I appreciate it very much!!!

  4. Sig Says:

    Aruna, that is beautiful, looks very yummy…

  5. Aruna Says:

    Sig, Glad u like it!! Thx.

  6. shanti Says:

    hi this is my first visit to ur blog…its really good…nice chicken…

  7. kribha Says:

    Dear Aruna,
    spicy chickem….I’m in. Looks so yummy. Will try it for sure.

  8. Jyothi Says:

    Hi Aruna, thanks for visiting my blog and your advice about URL. Now i corrected it.
    Yours spicy chicken looks delicious and yummy. I love spicy dishes mainly non veg. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

  9. Aruna Says:

    Shanti, Welcome here !!! Thx

    Kribha, Do try it & let me know!!!

    Jyothi, Thx for correcting the url, you can increase the spices to ur taste, even I like it spicy, the spicyier the better right ?

  10. Suja Says:

    Your spicy chicken receipe looks great. I am another ‘spicy queen’. Will try it out this weekend!

  11. prema Says:

    Hi Aruna,
    My cuz used to make this spicy chicken almost the same way without onions.. she used to marinate the chicken pieces in yogurt, chilli, dhania and masala powders along with ginger garlic paste.. then she used to saute in oil for some time till the oil oozes out of the masala. it used to taste wonderful and ur recipe reminded me of her . thanks for sharing

  12. Aruna Says:

    Suja, Thx,do try it 🙂

    Prema, I’ll try it ur cuz’s way sometime, bet it’ll be great. Thx 🙂

  13. dolly Says:

    is a bit confusing when comes to onion n marinated chicken

    Dolly – Let me know what is confusing, I may be able to make it clear. Thx for dropping by. 🙂

  14. Anurag Says:

    what is cinamon, cumin and turmeric powder. im just a 10 year boy trying to make this stuff. looks delicious. thanks

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