Puttu And Cherupayar Curry – Green Gram Curry


Puttu  & Cherupayar is the most common breakfast/lunch/dinner menu of Keralites.

Like Kadala curry, Cherupayar curry also goes very well with puttu.

This Cherupayar Curry can be prepared in a jiffy & tastes great with puttu.

This curry also goes well with Chapathis/rotis & rice as well. Enjoy!!!

Here is the recipe for Cherupayar curry –

Cherupayar Curry

(Green Gram Curry)


1 Cup Whole Green Gram

3 Green Chilles Slit 

1/2  Inch Ginger Grated or Finely chopped

1/2 Tsp Turmeric

1/2 Tsp Red Chiili Powder

1/2 Cup Grated Coconut – Ground to paste.


2-3 Tsp Oil 

1/2 Tsp Mustard Seeds

2-3 Dry Red Chilles Broken

Curry Leaves


Soak the whole green gram in water for about 15-30 mins.

In a pressure pan, add the soaked & drained green gram. Add 3 Cups Or enough water to cover the green gram.

Add few curry leaves, grated ginger, slit green chilles & turmeric. Stir.

Pressure cook for 2 whistles and simmer for about 5 minutes & turn off the flame.

After the cooker has cooled & released the pressure open it & put it back on flame.

If there is very little or no water, just add little water, but not too much.

(This curry is supposed to be a bit thick & not watery.)

Add the chilli powder & salt. Stir well & simmer for 7-8 minutes.

Add the ground coconut. (Instead of grinding, grated coconut can be added, both tastes equally good.)

In a separate pan heat 2-3 tsp of oil for seasoning.

When the oil is hot, add mustard seeds. When they pop add the broken red chilles.

Stir for a second & add the curry leaves.

Add the seasoning to the green gram curry, simmer for 2-3 minutes before switching the flame off.

Serve along with Puttu.



25 Responses to “Puttu And Cherupayar Curry – Green Gram Curry”

  1. Viji Says:

    Aruna, this is fantastic and great recipe to share. I don’t get bored even if see everyday this recipe. Each has got their own touch. Viji

    Viji, U r soo right, sometimes the simple recipes are the one that tastes great & this one is like that. 🙂

  2. KF Says:

    Puttu and Cherupayar is a good combination…I am supporting Viji that Each has got their own touch…Thanks for sharing.

    KF, Indeed its a good combo.Thx 🙂

  3. asha Says:

    Aruna,I love the Puttu photo.I would like to buy that Puttu maker and try this.Both look yummy,beautiful combo:)

    Asha, U should definately try puttu, it tastes great with a curry. Thx.

  4. sangeetha Says:

    Hats off to puttu photo. What an expert Keralite you have become.

    Sangeetha, Thx. Well I dont know abt being a expert, but surely would try to experiment & learn more. 🙂

  5. Seena Says:

    Aruna, what a good combination!Our puttu really joins with most of the veg and non veg courries..

    Seena, Thx. Ur right, Puttu tastes even better with a non veg curry 🙂

  6. archana Says:

    I can see some part of puttu, but what is it made of ?
    The curry is looking excellent.Good recipe

    Archana, Puttu basically is steamed rice cakes made from rice flour & grated coconut. Please see the link for how to make puttu, since many fellow bloggers had blogged abt it I didnt again. Thx.

  7. Richa Says:

    hey that looks like one delicious combo!

    Richa, Thx, yes it is indeed.

  8. Jyothi Says:

    Hey Aruna, looks delicious and great. Thanks for sharing.

    Jyothi, Thx. 🙂

  9. Suganya Says:

    Beautiful photo!

    This coming from a Professional Photographer?? Cant believe it!!! Thx Suganya, I cant beat u in that.

  10. Sharmi Says:

    it is such a mind blowing combination. apart from kadala curry this is another curry which goes great with puttu. yummy and mouthwatering.

    Sharmi, U beat it is a great combo, simple, easy & delicious. 🙂

  11. kribha Says:

    It’s been years since I’ve made puttu. Loved your picture so much. I’ll be getting one puttu maker during my trip to India. Will try puttu with your curry. Thanks for sharing this.

    Kribha, Do get a puttu maker, u’ll love preparing & enjoying puttu. 🙂

  12. Roopa Says:

    wow Aruna you have tried making Puttu. Nice combo with the curry. thumba chenagidde. have been thinking of buying puutu maker everytime i go look for it then decide may be a little latter. next time will surely buy one.
    Roopa, Nimmana illi noodi thumba kushi aythu. Ondu saari puttu madi noodi, u’ll like it. I make puttu aleast once a week, since DH misses most of his Kerala food 🙂

  13. Deepa Says:

    nice one aruna …..Puttu and the curry …yummy one and excellent combho ….

    Thanks Deepa 🙂

  14. prema Says:

    puttu and curry looks great… whole green gram is good for health too.

    Prema, Thx. U r right, healthy & tasty. 🙂

  15. shivapriya Says:

    Hi Aruna, Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a nice and blog and cool recipes.

    SP, Welcome!!! Thx for ur very kind words. Please keep visiting. 🙂

  16. mandira Says:

    absolutely delicious! one more post like this and I’m trying the puttu 😉

    Mandira, Thx. Glad I was able to tempt u. 🙂

  17. Mishmash! Says:

    Aruna,Thanks for dropping by page…wonder if you tried that recipe….!
    I liked the twin towers with puttu 🙂
    Good luck with your blog!
    Shn, Welcome!! Thx for dropping By!! DH also called it twin towers like u:)
    I tried ur recipe it was sooo goood, will leave a comment. Please keep visiting me here.

  18. Happy cook Says:

    Cherupayar curry i’ve not ate in ages and also puttu.
    I love puttu, but my hubby calls it Bomb ( in a joking way) I like it with curry than eating with small bananas….so this look very nice.
    So the only time i eat this dish is when i am back at home in kerala when my mom makes it.

    U know, whenever I cook puttu & cherupayar/kadala curry we need a banana to go along, the combo is simply out of the world…
    I just cant eat puttu with just a banana alone 🙂 Ur hubby is right in a way!!! Thx

  19. Philip Says:

    Me & my wife were looking for the “Cherupayar Curry” recipe and ran a search on google… to our surprise we stumbled on your blog (never thought this would be available online! ).. Fantastic!! Thanks Aruna. You have done your bit to keep our traditional food kicking… blogs like these are real blessing to expats like us! thanks once again!

  20. swalih Says:

    It is a wonderful curry. we all liked it very much.

  21. shoba.s Says:

    hi aruna,
    the photos and recipe looks really good. I came across exactly the same photo and recipe for the curry,word for word same, on another website,kerala-recipe.com,posted by a deepthi radhakrishna from dubai.Just thought i’d let u know.

  22. Tina Says:

    The cherupayar curry is very nice

  23. PRIYA Says:

    RCIPE IS NOT BAD !!!!!!!!!!

  24. reshmi Says:

    nice receipe..its great..i tried it with chappati..it was too good..thanks for sharing..simple and fabulous receipe..:-)

  25. sonyknair Says:

    Made it.. n its really good! 🙂

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